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Star Battlemc
Frestyels battles flows

Group Founder: masegoj
Description: Any hiphop lover is welcomed for battles frestyles and spit councines lyrics
Group Type: Public join
Members: 56
Category: Music > Rap & HipHop

Topics (8)

go Spit or dont b a member (9) masegoj
i live the sun out of order when i drop heat/back on my thrown spit or b blown/dont b a member if u cant deliver'u aint wel'c*m coz ur'weaker/

go Pyro glacias era. (2) phlamex
My verse is spiritual ur curse is critical i'm goddam mistikal and got cure 2 ur umbilicles so chill in my hospital lik u could afford diagnosis but i ally with u.n and can sponsor u charity services ...

go Just frestyle for the love of hiphop (6) masegoj
Do yo magic/

go Spitology (2) mssigorapfluent
I got blood in my veini spit venom lyk rainto all haters am againsti shall cause trouble and pain'cause this is my reign.

go Battle (8) masegoj
I love battles/with a microphone i generate darkness to yo thoughts/i spit til i have sore throat make wack mcs Vomit to my flows/my sperms Glow made of Gold/sold or used for fitness / like earthcore...

go Cyfa just frestyld (4) masegoj
Plzz drop somethin dont freeze

go Metarp s/ (1) masegoj
Iam light but heavy/tyte but brite when i spit /cat figt/lyricaly off scale u will need a Map smoke weed till my eyes bleed/

go The A_Skillz23 experience (0) askillz
Can listen 2 and download ma music at (